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Educating Veterinarians and Pet-Lovers on Western Herbal Medicine

Personalized Training Sessions


with Dr. Laurie Dohmen

Dr. Laurie is pleased to now offer personalized training sessions in Western Herbal Medicine. Come and learn medicine-making, food preparation with herbs, formulation, herbal identification, and more. The day can be tailored to your needs or Dr. Laurie can set the agenda based on your level of expertise. Sessions range from a few hours, a day, up to a long weekend. We can focus on veterinary use, self-care and more. Beginners and advanced students are welcome. Small groups of 2-4 students or one-on-one sessions are available. Sessions include herbal supplies and product.


Training is personalized to your needs, so please email drlaurie@purplemoonherbstudies.com or use our contact form to request more information, to set a date, plan the schedule, and obtain pricing.


Examples of Personalized Sessions appear below.

I have one student who has come repeatedly. The first time Julie came, she was preparing to take our Veterinary Herbal Apprenticeship and Retreat, so we started with some basics. We did an herb walk around the farm, and harvested some herbs. We cooked what we harvested, such as my personal Nettle Eggs. Then we made a few simple products such as tinctures and lotions. The next time she came, Julie was well into the Apprenticeship. She came with questions and plans. First we sat and formulated for conditions she sees regularly in her practice. Then we prepared tinctures and other preparations for her patients, such as a formulas for IVDD and arthritis. Most recently, Julie came with a group of graduates of the Apprenticeship and we harvested and cooked with herbs with a large focus on Ayurvedic foods. We also made a few other medicinal Ayurvedic preparations for them to incorporate into their practice. We made products such as medicated ghee.


Julie's Testimonal:

"I am a small animal veterinarian taking Dr Dohmen's herbal apprenticeship.  I have attended private herbal tutoring sessions with Laurie twice and am planning on another session in the next 2 months.  She is extremely accommodating and focused the lessons toward both my level and learning goals.  This is very hands on - making tinctures, teas and lotions.  In addition she helped work on a few formulation for myself and my patients.  I highly recommend utilizing this opportunity for personalized and more advanced hands on learning."

- Julie Wentzel, DVM, CVA, CCRT, CVPP


Mike is a non-veterinarian student of the Apprenticeship (he is a farrier). He came for a weekend and had specific formulation questions, such as treatments for thrush and white line disease. We then moved on to medicine-making. We made some of the formulas that were relevant to his farrier practice, but we also did a whole herbal facial treatment (including preparing all the products), as well as made cordials. It was a great mix of herbal business and herbal pleasure spread over 3 days.








News & Events

Veterinary Herbal Apprenticeship and Retreat


Our 5-part course in Western Veterinary Herbal Medicine featuring Drs. Laurie Dohmen and Kris August, 2020/2021.



September 11-14, 2020

October 16-19, 2020

November 14-16, 2020

March 20-22, 2021

April 17-19, 2021



Lowood Educational Center, Duck, NC



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The Wholistic Path

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” - Hippocrates

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Feedback From Our Students



"Excellent course-paves the path for understanding and using western herbs with confidence. Looking forward to incorporating what I learned to help our furry friends! AWESOME!!!"


On Our Materia Medica:

"The lectures were great--lots of good information. I like the inclusion of traditional uses and energetics of the herbs--gives insight into subtleties of herbal action."


On Our Labs:

"Labs were fun and informative and helped me gain confidence in making herbal products for self and family (which I do a lot now)."


On Our Herb Walks:

"Loved them! Seeing, touching, tasting, smelling plants in their natural environment deepened my connection with them and appreciation of them as living entities. "


On Our Homeworks:

"These gave me a welcome "excuse" to spend time researching herbs I didn't know much about. I also gained insights into the way information can be misrepresented on the Internet. Sometimes it was confusing and difficult to sort out 'the real story'."


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